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1. What is Intraday Short Selling (IDSS)?

Under the IDSS framework, investors will be able to sell securities first and buy the securities later within the same trading day itself.

2. What are the lists of approved securities for IDSS?

IDSS can be carried out on a selected list of Approved Securities, currently comprising 280 securities (effective 5th February 2018) and will be reviewed and revised by Bursa Malaysia periodically.

3. What are the documents needed for IDSS’s application?

You are required to fill in and submit the forms to your dealer representative:

  • Application Form for Intraday Short Selling
  • Intraday Short Selling Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Securities Borrowing and Lending (SBL) Agreement
Please download the form here.

4. Can I access to IDSS with my UOB Kay Hian trading account?

Your UOB Kay Hian trading account will not have access to IDSS by default. (Please refer to FAQ No.3)

5. What are the restrictions on IDSS?

It is not applicable to:

  • Margin Clients
  • Direct Business Transactions
  • On Market Married Transactions
  • Odd lot

6. What time should I close the short position for IDSS?

It is best to close the short position by 4:30PM. Reason is because the market will enter into matching time (pre-closing), if you have not closed the position before 4:45PM, you might not be able to buy back your short selling shares by 4:59PM, because after 4:50PM to 4:59PM is trading at last, all stocks are to be traded at last price.

7. Is it mandatory for IDSS position to be closed off during the day?

Yes. All IDSS position MUST BE CLOSED OFF during the day.

  • It is considered a breach of Bursa Rules if IDSS position is not closed off despite the fact that you have free shares in your CDS Account with UOBKH.
  • Recalcitrant account will be suspended from IDSS

8. What if I fail to close the short position within the day?

If IDSS was failed to be closed off on same day, you will need to inform your dealer’s representative to carry out any one of the following actions unless you have the shares in your CDS account with UOBKH:

  • Buying in the shares
  • Transferring shares from your CDS account with other brokers or from your IMMEDIATE family member CDS account to cover the short position or
  • Requesting UOBKH to borrow shares, on your behalf, from the Approved Shares Lender.

  • The borrowing of shares is subject to availability
  • Despite carrying out any of the following actions to rectify the unclosed position, you are considered to have breached Bursa Rules as well. (Please refer to FAQ No.7)

9. What is the cost of borrowing shares?

  1. Initiation of share borrowing – RM400.00 per initiation
  2. Interest rate for share borrowing – 2% to 15% p.a. + Company’s cost of fund on the Mark to Market (MTM) value of the borrowed shares
  3. Transfer fee – RM31.80
  4. Debit Note will be raised on T+4 to charge on borrowing cost

10. What is the IDSS Trading Limit?

  1. 70% of the Client’s Trading Limit;
  2. Client’s buy limit will automatically be increased by the IDSS amount
  3. The increase in buy limit is meant for client to buy back IDSS shares

11. Which type of account can perform IDSS?

  1. Cash Up Front Account
  2. Collateralised Account
  3. Normal Account

12. What is the brokerage fee for intraday short sell?

There is no additional fee. The brokerage fees vary depending on the type of the trading account. You may contact your dealer representative for more information.

13. How to identify IDSS securities on live quote?

The symbol of "^" represents IDSS securities. It will appear right beside the stock name on live quote.

IDSS Symbol ("^")

New Order Type for IDSS

Order Status Screen for IDSS

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