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Timing is key to profit

Power up your profit-taking capabilities with our intuitive tools.


The stock markets in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and United States are merely a few clicks away. All you need is a computer with a web browser and internet access, and you can start trading online instantly.


You’re constantly on the move. That’s why we have designed a version of UTRADE that you can use on any web-enabled mobile device, iPhone or Android mobile apps, so you can monitor market movements and act accordingly – anytime, anywhere. With UTRADE Mobile, you’ll never miss another trade again.

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However you look at it, the strength of a company plays an essential role in the performance of its stock. Introducing the ShareXplorer, a brand new fundamental analysis tool in UTRADE Web. Take a close look at a stock's key ratios such as P/E and EPS, and scrutinise its stability via its full financial reports. Pore through its news reports and also learn what analysts agree on its outlook. With the ShareXplorer, you're sure to find a winner.

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An effective technical analysis tool, our TechAnalyzer supplies you with strategies, patterns, indicators and annotation features to help you with your analysis of market movements, enabling you to either:

- Screen for stocks via best-performing technical strategies and patterns, or
- Define your own strategies to identify market entry/exit points.

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ChartGenie is our technical analysis tool which performs live scans of your portfolios, as well as the entire market (Bursa). Using 10 effective and commonly used technical signals, this scan detects and alerts you on actionable trading ideas to help you identify trends for your next trading decision.

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Interactive Charts

Apply your technical analysis skills and know-how to identify patterns and signs on our clear, user-friendly interactive charts, using technical indicators and drawing tools to arrive at trading decisions that you may just potentially profit from.

Stock Alerts

As it may be impossible for you to monitor the market 24/7, let UTRADE stock alerts and ChartGenie Alerts do the job for you.

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Profit/Loss Calculator

Number crunching doesn't have to get that complicated. The UTRADE calculator is built to help you calibrate your sell-off accurately, by measuring your profit/loss differential for up to 5 bids from the indicated sell price.

eContracts and eStatements

At UOB Kay Hian, we are committed to doing our part to help conserve our natural resources and protect the environment. eContracts and eStatements cut down on paper waste.

Join us in our efforts to protect the environment.

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UTRADE Futures

Available futures trading platforms:

J-Trader (for Bursa and Foreign Futures Products)

A sophisticated trading system that combines extensive direct access to Futures and Options, real-time streaming price distribution and advanced pre-trade risk management functionally. The J-Trader package includes, amongst other features, depth of market, status of all orders, real-time profit & loss and functionality for single-click trading.

Key Features of the J-Trader Platform Ticket-A simple ticket trading screen for working orders Status-An order book to display working and filled orders.

Hot Quotes - An order entry and price discovery system for trading multiple exchanges and contracts. Depth of market screens allow the user to display any contract's full order book in real time.

Matrix - An order entry and discovery report of the trader's positions.

Accounts - A list of available trading accounts from which the trader can execute orders.

Settings - A configuration tool by which traders can customize their display.

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