Impersonation Fraud Warning
Scammers are impersonating UOB Kay Hian entities in Malaysia on social media and messaging apps for fraudulent purposes. Please take note that UOB Kay Hian does not offer personal loans or investment opportunities with guaranteed high profits. Please be cautious of the such scam tactics. Contact your nearest known UOB Kay Hian office for verification if unsure. If you have already submitted your personal documents or paid them money, please report to the Securities Commission and PDRM without delay. You may find useful contacts and links in our Scam Alert resource page of our UTRADE website.

Products & Services


Equities are easy to trade and belong to an asset class that has proven to generate higher returns over the long term.


Invest in a stable income asset. Invest in corporate or government bonds.

Foreign Trading

Diversify your portfolio and capture opportunities in foreign markets

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Diversified, liquid and easy to trade, low-cost ETFs are growing in popularity as an investment class.

Structured Warrants

Product issued by financial institutions, enabling investors to participate in the price performance of an underlying asset at a fraction of its price.


UOB Kay Hian offers real time online futures trading for a wide variety of local and foreign markets with compatible rates.

Margin Financing

Boost your trading power and enjoy our competitive interest rates.

Custodian Services

Enjoy a wide range of custodian services in day-to-day investment activities on global assets.

Unit Trusts & Private Retirement Scheme

Entrust your investment capital to professionally managed funds with curated selection of stocks and assets.

Private Wealth Management

Consult with our licensed financial planner, to preserve and grow your wealth at ease.