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    Malaysia Regional


    03 Sep 2015

    Pricing In Weary Corporate Growth

    - Notwithstanding a relative market stability following last week’s relief rally, expected another market and currency rout could materialise before year-end, as risk aversion remains elevated in emerging markets... News

    - However, despite some investor concerns amid the ringgit’s plunge vs the US dollar, Malaysia is not headed into a financial crisis, and would not impose currency controls... News


    02 Sep 2015


    - The GST-impacted 2Q15 results season predictably disappointed, albeit the retail industry not being as badly hit across-the-board as expected.... News

    - Earnings forecasts lowered by a milder 1.8% and 3.4% respectively due to the weaker 2Q15 results as well as deteriorating economic fundamentals.... News


    01 Sep 2015

    Banking - Jul 15 BNM Stats – Pick-Up In Working Capital Loans

    - In spite of a pick-up in business loans growth in Jul 15, ytd overall annualised loansgrowth of 7.2% remains subdued on the back of continued softening in household loans growth.... News

    - The persistent rise in industry loans to deposit ratios will continue to keep funding costs under pressure.... News

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