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    01 Aug 2014


    Banking - Jun 14: Futher Moderation In Growth

    - Loan growth came in at 9.3% yoy in June, moderating from the 9.7% in May, while the expected recovery in business loans remains elusive.... News

    - Residential loan growth remained relatively stable at 13.6% yoy and anchored overall growth in June however, ytd 14 residential property loan approval growth of 4.3% is significantly slower than the 30.5% in 2013, pointing towards a slowdown in residential loan growth in 2H14.... News


    31 Jul 2014


    Small/Mid-Caps: Extended Play

    - Market conditions will continue to favour small/mid-cap stocks, which have outperformed the FBMKLCI on a mom basis in the last seven months, one of the longest winning streaks in 14-year performance review.... News

    - However, speculation in particularly the micro-to-small caps is stretched, eg companies trading at high multiples (nearing 10x) or investors bidding up unproven conceptual stocks without perusing the strength of their business models... News


    25 Jul 2014


    Malaysia Airports Holdings / Public Bank

    - An increase in D&A and recognition of previous losses at ISG were the main reasons for the loss.... News

    - Public Bank’s (PBK) 1H14 net profit of RM2,073m, +4.1 yoy, (RM1,056m for 2Q14, +3.9% qoq)a) slower-than-expected new unit-trust sales income growth, b) persistent NIM pressure, and c) annualised loan growth of 10.0% coming in at the lower end of management’s full- year target of 10-11%.... News


    24 Jul 2014


    SP Setia - Potential Room To Grow?

    - A potential M&A brewing up in SP Setia, which involves it acquiring assets from its major shareholder and One of the key landbanks speculated to be acquired by SP Setia is the landbank of Island & Peninsula (I&P).... News

    - Based on ballpark simulation, should SP Setia acquire I&P’s assets, it would become a developer with outstanding GDV in excess of RM81.8b, slightly larger than UEM Sunrise’s RM80b.... News


    23 Jul 2014


    British American Tobacco / Maxis

    - British American Tobacco reported a 2Q14 net profit of RM248m (+18.1% yoy; +10.1% qoq) bringing 1H14 net profit to RM473.5m... News

    - Maxis reported RM446m in net profit for 1H14 after recognising RM22m in reversal of contract obligation (positive for earnings) and RM60m in accelerated depreciation... News

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