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    Malaysia Regional


    30 Mar 2015

    MMC Corporation Bhd - Unlocking Of Asset With Listing Of Malakoff

    - The listing of Malakoff is slated for May 15 with an indicative offer price of RM1.80/share and this values Malaysia’s largest independent power producer at RM9b.... News

    - Management plans to pare down the estimated RM3b holding company debt with the proceeds from Malakoff’s listing exercise and this will lead to: a) RM17m-23m interest savings, and b) disposal gain of RM1.7b.... News


    27 Mar 2015

    Gamuda- 1HFY15: MRT Line 1 Progressing Well

    - Gamuda reported net profit of RM368m for 1HFY15... News

    - Gamuda’s outstanding orderbook stands at about RM1.6b, mainly tunneling jobs for MRT Line 1 which is expected to complete in three weeks’ time.... News


    26 Mar 2015

    AMMB Holdings - Tempering Expectations

    - AMMB’s prospects for FY16 are likely to remain challenging on the back of muted loans growth and NIM pressure.... News

    - Non-interest income could also be relatively more impacted when industry wide detarriffication kicks in, given AMMB’s sizeable insurance income base.... News

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