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    27 Feb 2015

    Bumi Armada / Genting

    - Bumi Armada reported a RM53.6m loss in 4Q14 and headline net profit of RM218.7m for 2014 driven by a) write-off of RM65.9m for doubtful debts, b) impairment of RM31.1m for available-for-sale financial assets, and c) provisions for additional costs incurred in the installation of one floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel.... News

    - GENT’s 2014 numbers surprised on the upside due to stronger performance from the plantations division as well as favourable currency impact against the Ringgit however, gaming EBITDA eased by 2%... News


    26 Feb 2015

    Axiata / Kossan Rubber

    - Axiata managed to see growth in its 2014 revenue, up 1.9% yoy to RM18.7b driven by the successful monetisation of data and market leadership position in key overseas opcos, namely Dialog (+9% yoy), Robi (+14% yoy) and SMART (+48% yoy).... News

    - 4Q14 top-line rose 4% qoq, thanks to an increase in sales volume arising from a newly commissioned plant as well as a firmer exchange rate... News


    25 Feb 2015

    Deleum - 2014: Full Mobilisation Of Slickline Units Fuels Top-line Growth

    - Deleum reported a 2014 core net profit of RM56.4m (+6.9% yoy) after adjusting for foreign exchange gains... News

    - Deleum’s top-line grew 37.5% yoy, driven by a 27.0% top-line growth in its power & machinery division and 94.8% top-line growth in its oilfield services division.... News


    24 Feb 2015

    Malaysian Resources Corporation

    - MRCB reported weak 4Q14 results mainly due to higher-than-expected startup costs worth about RM14m relating to its 51%-owned Nu Sentral Mall in 4Q14 while the construction division showed minor losses due to timing differences of billings and expenses.... News

    - The property division is showing improvements in spite of the heavy startup costs that are currently being incurred.... News


    23 Feb 2015

    Hong Leong Bank - Capital Raising Could Come In At The Upper End Of Expectations

    - Hong Leong Bank’s (HLBK) current bank-level core tier 1 equity ratio (CET1) of 7.9% on a fully loaded basis is among the lowest in the industry and hence poses the greatest risk of an imminent capital-raising exercise.... News

    - A comfortable level of CET1 buffer could range between 10.5% to 11.0% and this would result in HLBK having among the highest CET1 ratio within the industry post capital raising... News

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